In 2016 both the Ipswich Rugby League Inc and the Ipswich Junior Rugby League Inc took the momentous step of amalgamating to create Rugby League Ipswich Ltd to improve the governance and strategic mindset from within our game . Rugby League Ipswich Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee with not for profit statues and sits within the South East region of the Queensland Rugby League.

Our members are our 13 Junior and 8 Senior clubs situated within the Ipswich and surrounding areas.  In 2021 Rugby League Ipswich had almost 5000 participants with many more volunteers and families associated to our brand.


Some of the games greatest players have originated from our clubs and we would like to partner your business in developing the next Langer, Walters or Ofahengaue. 

Looking to become part of the Rugby League Ipswich Family? Give us a call on 3202 4137 or contact Mitch Kent on

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