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QRL prepares protocols in consultation with leagues

QRL regions will next week lead a process with key stakeholders to assess and provide feedback on the proposed ‘Return to Play’ protocols.

This will include consultation with all leagues as well as sample clubs and associations from throughout the state.

QRL regional general manager Glenn Ottaway said the review process would be a critical step forward in the ongoing quest to reboot community rugby league in 2020.  

“The importance of this process is to ensure our volunteers are aware of the requirements and can hold some initial discussions with their members on any risks associated with the return of rugby league,” Ottaway said.

“This will in turn give us an indication on the number of leagues who believe they have the capacity to facilitate a practical and safe return to training and competition for their members.”

The overall Guidelines can be accessed here and a detailed handbook for clubs, leagues and associations will be submitted for approval by the QRL Board on Friday, May 29, prior to public release.

These resources have been developed with the health and wellbeing of participants and the general safety of the community as a priority. 

It is also acknowledged that achieving a return to play will require an increased commitment from volunteers, participants and any individuals attending venues.

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