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QRL coronavirus updates: Further clarification on community rugby league return

How and when community sport returns is a major talking point as the country wades through the COVID-19 health pandemic.

For people who love their footy in Queensland, the focus is very much on when community rugby league teams can return to training and possibly competition in 2020.

Here at the QRL, we understand the league community has many questions during such a period of uncertainty, which is why regional manager Glenn Ottaway took the time to engage with members across the state on Monday night.

His online chat on QRL platforms was viewed by more than 11,000 unique viewers, with the high level of engagement during the broadcast indicating a large cross section of community rugby league was represented.

In addition to the chat, the QRL Regions have distributed surveys to clubs, leagues and players.

This information is being collated to give us a better understanding of the needs and current thinking of our stakeholders.

Ottaway praised volunteers for their efforts so far.

“It has taken a significant commitment from clubs / leagues already to remain patient and to keep members engaged,” Ottaway said.

“There is no doubt that any possible return to play in 2020 will require further commitment from volunteers to ensure guidelines are satisfied.” 

Here is a summary of the key points from the online Q&A:

  • QRL are required to prepare guidelines specific to rugby league for submission to the state’s CHO for approval. We will consult via the South East, Central and Northern regions before these guidelines are submitted for approval

  • The key guiding document for the QRL and all sport is the Road Map

  • Activity in Stage 1 is recreational only and does not include organised community sport.  Return to training for community sport is not included until Stage 2 (June 12). This return is dependent on the above guidelines for rugby league being approved. Any club directed activity at this stage is not covered by insurance and would be in breach of the Government restrictions.

  • We are currently working with Government on seeking greater clarity around some of the restrictions/conditions listed in the Road Map. Included in this are the ongoing requirement for physical distancing, the restrictions on total numbers able to attend venues and the possibility of a staged return in areas where there has been limited or no reported cases of the virus

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