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Coach Education Update

Coaching Courses 2020 – Important Information

2020 will see the SEQ region implementing the complete Coaching Framework (U6 – Opens). The NEW Coaching Framework supports and aligns the PDF. Within these courses, the focus has now turned to equipping the coaches with the most appropriate tools to foster a positive learning environment for all players. You will note below the key name changes to both the courses we host here in SEQ.

Community Coaching Course 6-12 (formally known as MGC) – accreditation period – 4 years

Community Coaching Course 13+ (formally known as the IGC) – accreditation period – 4 years

Course Process for 2020:

  1. All new coaches to the game and coaches moving between age groups are required to complete the age appropriate eLearning modules found below. Please note, this also includes any coaches who have expired accreditations.

  2. All coaches who complete the eLearning modules will receive a certificate with the expiry date 30/6/2020, this will enable them to coach until they complete a face to face component workshop.

  3. Coaches must enrol into the age appropriate face to face workshop at a cost - $20, this cost includes a coaches pack (footballs and markers). Upon completion, coaches will receive an updated certificate and a 4 year accreditation.

  4. For existing coaches that attended the Community Coach Face-to-face Workshop for 6-12yrs in 2019 do not need to attend a workshop, unless they are moving to under 13s or above. They will be able to access their certificate for the new age group with extended expiry. For example, in 2019 an under 7s coach completed the 6-7s eLearning and attended the F2F Workshop for 6-12 years. In 2020, this coach is now coaching an under 8s team. He/she must complete the 8-9s eLearning only to continue coaching this team.

Under 6-12s Coaches:

eLearning Modules:

Under 6-7s –

Under 8-9s -

Under 10-12s -

Community Coach Face-to-face Workshop (6-12s) - 12workshop

Under 13-Opens Coaches:

eLearning Modules:

Under 13-15s -

Under 16 to Opens -

Community Coach Face-to-face Workshop (13+) -


Quick Guide on how to register as a coach:

Should you have any further questions in relation to the Coach Education please feel free to get in contact with James Geurtjens - e: or m: 0417 738 070

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